1st real post

I have had a sticky start to the blended and online learning masters course. I applied last spring after speaking to one of the team members. I received an “application accepted” email but for some reason it was not processed. I hadn’t pressed a button to send and get the “application accepted” email!! This delayed my start but eventually I caught up and with the  help of my new online co-students I soon felt at home in the group tasks.

In this second module, I hadn’t been sent an invoice although I had made arrangement for finance on line. I was locked out for over two weeks after I actually started the module. All I can say is that I now know what a frustrated online learner looks like!! With the help of an email or two and a telephone conversation to the module leader and my LDT I feel as if I am back on track but I did worry that I wouldn’t have enough time to generate the required evidence for the first task.

I am now assigned to a group for the next task. From the online discussions so far all is going well. We did have technology let us down on the first online group discussion via Webinex as we didn’t have any audio but hopefully all will go well for tonight’s discussion.


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  1. atierney652 · February 12, 2015

    Sandra, lovely to see you joining the module! As you settle in, you can start to think about the implications of blended and online learning. One example that jumps out here is if you are on campus and your invoice isn’t processed, you can still access lectures. However, without access to a VLE, you are completely cut off from learning.


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