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For over a year I have been involved in an international project with New Delhi University in India. There have been stops and starts but now we have confirmation of our conference going ahead and we have over 40 Indian academics interested.

The UK team I am involved in has been visiting and mentoring New Delhi lecturers get used to Web 2.0 tools and were introduced to  Moodle. A delegate came last July to Edinburgh from New Delhi University to learn how to use the tools in a hands on way which included video, power points etc. They had previously created lesson plans and related documents to their own areas of expertise. We looked at many applications and also at the quality of education delivered using Moodle either blended or online.

After many delays, we are now visiting the campus at New Delhi to deliver a three day conference to many more lecturers with the help of the first delegates and some past students from our campus who were involved in this stage of the project. The conference will focus on flipped classrooms, video editing, audio tools, asynchronous discussions, reflective blogs, blended and online learning formats and I am sure much more will be discussed. There will be a set up day and a dissemination day too. I will also find out more about the cultural details and expectations for blended and online learning.  India is vast and the potential is huge.

This coincides with the start of the group project for the online and blended learning course at Edinburgh Napier. I have explained the project to my co students and I have asked that I am given tasks that are do-able in the time frame. I obviously want to contribute but I have to be realistic as I will be away, I am not sure about the stability of the internet access in New Delhi and there is a six hour time difference.



  1. atierney652 · February 12, 2015

    Dear Sandra
    Your post has put me in mind of another blog I recently read.
    It talks about the importance of the subject content as well as the technology. Stability of internet connection is also a big issue, and one which we take for granted here. How would it affect students in Delhi if they were not always able to access Moodle?


    • longsandra · March 2, 2015

      Dear Anne
      This is a problem that is of constant discussion. They are building the infrastructure for the internet and Wi-Fi but it is very expensive for locals. Even the hotels charge. They normally teach by rote and they have their lessons as a back up plan but I have seen students just filming their lecture. Part of this is because there is no limit to class sizes so easily 80 students will turn up and they cant all see. They hope the VLE will address this and surprisingly increase student numbers!! Lectures can be recorded and put on Moodle along with supporting documentation. Attendance is still required and they still need to go to tutorials. I am not quite so sure of the plan for the online distance learning with regards to stability. It depends on the areas they will market and I suspect the more stable for electricity and internet will be first.


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