Hello again

Well here I am back in Scotland. It was an exciting experience delivering a digital literacy course to lecturers from the New Delhi University campus introducing them to blended and online learning. The campus was lovely and it was very hot. The candidates said it was unusual at this time of year to get 29 degrees but when you are used to 3 who’s complaining!!

Despite the electricity going off every five minutes and the infuriating instability of the internet and wi-fi the candidates were all enthused and this was passed around us all keeping us all buoyant.

I was able to show the Moodle pages for comparisons of good and not so good practice. There is a tendency for documents to be “shoved” on the Moodle page, where you end up with lots of words and a demotivated student. I also went through some of the functions so that they could start blogs with their students. For their own project they are using WordPress and this is very exciting as they are able at last to complete some reflective practice and have a showcase for their own continual professional development.

There were lots of small projects but as they were used to rote learning and teaching getting them in groups for interactive sessions was a new way for them. They also took some videos of each other and edited them overlaying their creations with music so that they have some basic skills to cut down existing materials or create their own film. There was lots of discussions in and out of the classrooms and IT rooms. The tea break became a café for exchange of ideas. They were very complimentary and thankful for the opportunity to learn all the techniques and skills for using as VLE such as Moodle and for creating flipped, blended and online learning.

I’ve attached the group photo. It is in the campus grounds. I am third from the left on the front row sat next to the campus director who wore her traditional dress.


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