Practicing what we have learnt

I was glad to be back home after India (as much as I loved it there is no place like home). However, I managed to catch a cold which put me in bed for a day or two. This just put me back on my masters course. I was already feeling out of the loop and this wasn’t helping. I spoke to my LDT who was very supportive and encouraging. I went onto the Moodle page and I had to familiarize myself with all the course materials etc. all over again. My laptop decided that everytime I logged on it would update something or other. Necessary but very frustrating with regards to time. Eventually I was able to submit some comments and some work but thankfully one of the group I am in left her mobile number so I could call for an update. As much as I appreciate and want to deliver online learning sometimes nothing beats face to face conversations or even real time conversations with a voice. Thanks to that call I really feel like I am involved even though the rest of the team had done all the work sourcing and setting up the Moodle page. At least now I can find a slot to contribute. It really made me think about how to build communities online as I was feeling isolated but now I don’t feel like that at all. Thanks guys for putting into practice what we have all learnt!!!


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