Yesterday our seminar was launched and I was feeling rather nervous. I have checked in today to see the engagement so far. Two have made an entry into the induction activities. I am rather pleased! I look forward to seeing more and I cant wait for my turn to moderate.

I have felt a bit out of the loop in this project but now I can see it in front of me I am feeling rather confident about it. I am impressed by my colleagues work and input into the project. I would have liked to have been more involved in the design and construction stage but I am happy to moderate and also do some other work such as the summary and an announcement. We all have a slot on the rota for moderating and as we all work fulltime this is being shared out over evenings and weekends.  I have a mix of both so it is manageable.

It is interesting to see the styles of Moodle pages being used. The one I have at work is rather dull in comparison and has given me a lot of room for thought. I am of course limited by my employers choices but I am sure I can do better Moodle pages!! As discussed before, the students in India are having fun creating pages too so before long I will have access to a library of styles and I can see which are more attractive and engaging. This is an added bonus for me!

Simpson(2012) describes one of the weaknesses in online education is the quality. This may be true but I can honestly say that I feel that the first student led seminar was very good and I expect ours to be just the same.

Simpson, O. (2012)Supporting Students for Success in Online and Distance Education: Third Edition. Routledge.


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