Just a thought – Reflective practice

“By inviting colleagues to watch what we do, or by engaging in critical conversations with them, we can notice aspects of our practice that are normally hidden from us. As they describe their readings of, and responses to, situations we face, we see our practice in a new light.”

Brookfield, S. D. (1995). Becoming a critically reflective teacher. California: Jossey-Bass.

I remembered this quote from when I was qualifying as a lecturer. I have always liked this quote from Brookfield. The essence is the same now as then but of course Brookfield was keeping it in context of the classroom. Distance learning was established but the internet and online learning wasn’t – which I don’t think Brookfield was thinking of in 1995. Observations are valuable and we can glean much from it provided of course it is delivered in an honest and constructive format. However, we are now open to scrutiny of peers we have never met, except online and I am interested to see if we are less or more open in our discourse when evaluating.


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