End of week 1

This is the end of the first week and the start of the next for our student led activity. I have been a little more involved this week with the process of deciding what we should or should not include from the findings from the first week.

From the rota we all spent a couple of hours each evening and at the weekend being available for comments etc. I was somewhat disappointed that there wasn’t much engagement from the participants during the week. I think though that I have to be realistic in that like me, we all work full time mostly, and only have the evenings and weekends to take part. Some are also on different time lines too. By Sunday night a couple more had engaged with the activities but in a telephone discussion with another peer we think that there will be a mad gallop at the end of week 2!!

We are also not a usual group, we are all academics and in teaching or training and as a whole we may have already said some things before. Finding new fresh ideas can sometimes be a challenge in itself. However, our debate and discussions in week 2 will allow for participants to “get on their soapbox” and hopefully feel secure in saying exactly what they think about social presence and creating communities of learning. Netiquette rules apply of course.

We have decided to tweak one of the discussions with this in mind as we want to have a broad discussion. Mainly because we are interested in others opinions on the factors influencing access, engagement and retention. We are all from different areas and we hope we have a bank of opinions and suggestions to draw on in this and later practice.

My task was to write the intro to week 2 which also serves as an announcement. We decided how to tweak the discussions and these were adjusted last night. We have also decided that we should all just drop in rather than wait for our rota time as there is an ongoing debate and we may each have our own responses! Also, should it dry up a bit we can start the ball rolling.

From the previous post about reflective practice I am already formulating ideas on my own practice particularly in the design of a course and how to be more flexible when you see the reality of engagement.


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