At first it was intermittent

It has been a bit of a week. My old laptop had seen better days so for during Module 1 I purchased a newer faster model so that I would be able to do the course with more modern equipment. This didn’t really help this last week though as the phones and internet connections in my village “disappeared”. At first it was intermittent – then it all went off for a day. Apparently some streets in the village were connected very soon. My provider tried to reconnect me remotely with the usual give it a couple of hours and check. Eventually,  I, of course, needed an engineer! Then a “part.” This just brings to light how fragile online teaching and learning can be when what shouldn’t happen does. Normally I would have work access, but I was working in the community with no internet or Wi-Fi. When I was finally reconnected I was relieved to say the least. Today I managed to read through all the messages between the group and my final slot for moderating had been changed. None the less I went online as I thought I was scheduled but none of the participants came online in that timeframe to add any last comments. Today I am back at my desk in work and my home internet is working. I am going to go and purchase a fancy new phone so that I can actually connect and be able to read anything linked to my course.


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