Traditional Learning Tools

It really has been a busy few weeks all round. I didn’t realise just how much time getting together with family and friends would take up over the Easter holidays. Living away from my family means that they come to Scotland for holidays or I go back to Yorkshire in the academic holidays-these times punctuate the year and give us all a chance to catch up.

Of course there is always the intention to keep in touch with what else is happening in one’s life and nowadays it is easier with the advent of the internet and all its apps and services. Of course this depends on one’s environment and my mother does not wish to have any of these services. The Yorkshire Moors can get a signal in places but not enough power to write a blog.

I did manage to take a couple of traditional learning tools – books! Mainly about design and practice guides.

It would seem that in the current units for SBOE the pedagogy has borne out. Kirschner et al in Jochems (2004) discusses ownership of tasks and concludes that two pedagogical principles influence ownership in a group; individual accountability and positive independence. He addresses that skills and behaviours can be learnt by the individual from a group to progress oneself. At the same time be able consider one’s contribution by evaluating others skills and benchmarking oneself. He goes on to identify that the group as a whole is responsible for the learning of the individual group members. Well managed it can counter any anonymity. This management would point to the design of the courses being well thought out and social building taking place first.

In 2006, MacDonald conducted the Solace (Supporting Open Learners in A Changing Environment) project. Initially asking 40 tutors what they did then and how they could support students in the future she discovered then that the face to face element was still needed. I wonder now if that gap if filled with the use of Skype or equivalents. I am still intrigued about this aspect of human nature.

When some of the technologies on element 4 didn’t work I felt a bit out at sea. Before I went away some of my ticks did not show up on the Moodle page to demonstrate that I had completed a task but I did have a portal to submit my concerns. Whilst I was away I must have had buffer face a lot as my posts wouldn’t go into the files. Personally I still want to see a face, even a picture of the person(s) I am dealing with, whether it is my tutor or my students. However, whilst I have felt these frustrations I also know the limits of the technology.

Jochems,W. van Merrienboer, J. Koper, R. Integrated E-Learning implications for pedagogy, technoloty and organisation. (2004) RoutledgeFalmer London

MacDonald, J. (2006) Blended Learning and Online Tutoring A Good Practice Guide. Gower. England.


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